Made for safer machinery and AGVs: Discover the innovative capabilities of the Laser Sentinel Enhanced from Datalogic

Bologna, 17th January 2019. The new Laser Sentinel Enhanced from Datalogic is the one solution for both the safety of machinery and automated vehicles.

Machine and automated vehicle builders benefit from different models that offer innovative features, such as two safety zones up to 5.5 meters distance for 275°, and two warning zones that cover up to 40 meters simultaneously. To make installation and configuration user friendly and fast up to 4 scanners can be connected in a single system with one connection point only for inputs and outputs and a single point for configuration. Depending on the application the detection capability can be flexibly configured to 30, 40, 50, 70 or 150 mm.

Equipped with a unique partial dynamic muting, the Sentinel ensures the passage of different material sizes and at the same time safeguards the safety of human beings, allowing free space only for material and always stopping the machine if people try to pass-through.

Developed to support AGV applications the Sentinel can save 70 different configurations and activate them in function of the position and the speed of the vehicle. Measurement is done by means of the encoder inputs. Safety and warning zones will change with precision of size and shapes following the route of the vehicle, so that it can keep its speed if there are no obstacles. To save energy, the scanner is equipped with a shut-off function that can be activated once the vehicle is stopped.  

For calculating the position of the vehicle and navigating it, the distance measures of the objects around the scanners can be transmitted through Ethernet from the scanner to the navigation system. The transmission of data can be changed dynamically in order to respond to different requests from the controller.

The LASER SENTINEL ENHANCED can be used even in cold environments, as the temperature ranges to -10°C. To enable fast and easy maintenance the “fast replacement” functionality is based on the onboard backup of the entire system. On top the window of the device can easily be replaced by users in the field.

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