On-Counter Scanning: check-out solutions for countertop and handheld use

On-Counter Scanning: check-out solutions for countertop and handheld use

On-Counter Scanning: check-out solutions for countertop and handheld use


Convenience for a customer has always been key for convenience stores. With a typically small number of items purchased, consumers are not willing to wait in line for ages to pay and demand a faster and more efficient store.

A recent consumer survey found 15% of shoppers will leave a convenience store and abandon their purchase after just one minute of waiting in line. The survey revealed shoppers, especially younger ones, demand a more efficient and tech-driven convenience store experience. Customer’s expectations rise as they encounter technological innovation not just in retail but across other industries as well.

Certainly, with the rise of frictionless check-out, convenience store shoppers want this technology available for their use in store. And while some convenience stores may opt for a completely cashier-less check-out experience, many convenience stores are looking at a variety of alternative options and the technology to support them.

By retaining traditional check-outs manned by cashiers, human interaction increases leading to a greater connection with the brand and store. There is also the opportunity to upsell or cross sell thereby growing revenues.

With space at a premium, modern convenience check-out’s need to have optimum performance with a small, ergonomic footprint. Flexibility is key, and modern devices should have the ability to perform various functions throughout the store.

Whilst legacy systems can hinder the in-store experience, Datalogic can help convenience stores take a leap of faith and invest in their store technology delivering the right convenience check-out solution for today’s marketplace.



Today, convenience store formats vary from small kiosks to hyper convenience stores, each with its individual check-out configuration requirements. Datalogic has unparalleled leadership in reliable check-out POS solutions that enable retailers to enhance check-out speed as well as improve transaction accuracy and efficiency.

Datalogic has multiple options for convenience check-out that include fixed presentation scanners to versatile handheld scanners with a presentation operating mode.

To support the different configuration needs at a check-out, Datalogic offers an extensive line of technology solutions such as 100% digital imaging scanners, presentation scanners, handheld scanners, and much more.

  • Countertop & Handheld Scanning: Convenience stores, pharmacy, non-grocery, fashion, DIY and many more have specific check-out needs dependent on their product mix and the check-out configuration. Datalogic has a complete offering of check-out solutions for countertop and handheld use. These scanners provide fast, accurate, and reliable scanning for check-out at any retail enterprise.


  • Fixed Scanning: As the global market leader in fixed retail check-out, Datalogic delivers retailers maximum innovation and technology. The Magellan™ Series of fixed scanners are used by the top ten grocery retailers worldwide and were the first to deliver 100% digital imaging technology to grocery check-out.


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