In-Counter Scanning: attended lanes & self checkout

In-Counter Scanning: attended lanes & self checkout

In-Counter Scanning: attended lanes & self checkout

Since Datalogic first introduced in-counter scanner technology to quickly scan a product barcode at an Ohio supermarket in 1974, the checkout has played a crucial role in the retail industry. Perhaps the most significant interaction retailers have with their customers occurs at the Point of Sale (POS). Despite its importance, the POS has become increasingly complex alongside other parts of the IT infrastructure. Retailers should prioritize an efficient POS system to offer customers a positive checkout experience, as this has a significant impact on their loyalty and likelihood of returning to the store.

Traditional in-store checkout solutions provide a chance to enhance customer service, boost revenue, and reduce wait times for retailers. A skilled cashier also proficiently manages the queue, dealing with any erroneous and time-consuming issues.

There has been a change in how customers pay for their purchases, as self-checkout systems are now the norm on the high street. 63% of customers prefer self-service checkouts over traditional ones. However, despite this preference, there are still several issues that can cause dissatisfaction when using self-checkout systems. For example, barcodes or coupons may fail to scan, age verification might be required, or some customers possibly struggle with the technology.

These simple scanning issues frequently emerge, requiring assistance from staff members. In certain scenarios, customers might opt out of independently finishing the checkout altogether, leaving it in the hands of a staff member or cashier.  Wait times are potentially lengthened for individual customers as staff members and cashiers have to deal with assisting several self-checkout systems in parallel.

There is also a higher chance of theft due to the lack of sufficient employee surveillance around self-service checkouts, despite the systems being equipped with anti-shoplifting technology. Instances of such theft may include the replacement of barcodes on expensive goods with ones indicating lower prices or ‘forgetting’ to scan certain items altogether. In the event of being caught, customers often claim ignorance or blame equipment malfunctions for their actions.

A POS system enhances human interaction, fostering customer loyalty towards the brand or store. Additionally, retailers often employ cashiers to incentivize customers to purchase accessories through exclusive promotions, premium products, or extended warranties. Incorporating state-of-the-art in-counter scanning technology can upgrade the checkout process by swiftly and precisely accomplishing large scanning tasks, cutting down on customer wait times while bolstering overall efficiency.




Retail store formats vary from small kiosks to hypermarkets, each with distinct checkout configuration requirements. Datalogic holds exceptional leadership in reliable POS solutions that allow retailers to enhance checkout speed and optimize transaction accuracy and efficiency.

To address diverse checkout configuration needs, Datalogic provides a broad range of technology solutions, including 100% digital imaging scanners, presentation scanners, handheld scanners, RFID solutions, and more.

Countertop & Handheld Scanning: Convenience stores, pharmacies, fashion retailers, DIY shops, and many others have unique checkout requirements based on product mix and checkout setup. Datalogic provides a complete lineup of countertop and handheld checkout solutions, enabling swift, precise, and dependable in-counter scanning for any retail checkout.

Large Item Scanning: Datalogic scanners enable superior range and reliability, offering unmatched flexibility when it comes to identifying large items. Repeated knocks or heavy-handed use at the checkout will not impact the scanner's performance or reliability, preserving the retailer's investment. In cases where there are extreme environments or a requirement to integrate bi-directional communication functionality with a keypad and display directly into the scanners, the PowerScan can be effortlessly deployed.

Fixed scanning: With Datalogic as the global leader in fixed retail checkouts, retailers receive the utmost level of innovation and technology. The top ten grocery retailers in the world rely on the Magellan line of fixed scanners, the pioneers of 100% digital imaging technology, for grocery checkout.

Automated scanning: Datalogic leads the industry in automated retail checkout scanning, allowing for maximum throughput at the grocery checkout.


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