New S5N sensors and IO-Link by Datalogic: Get ready for Industry 4.0 with the Smart M18

Bologna, 23 July 2019. Datalogic, a global leader in the automatic data capture and process automation markets, is pleased to announce a complete renewal of our Photoelectric Sensor range. Our new generation of sensors will feature Datalogic’s new ASIC, the IO-Link master device, available for Profinet and Ethernet-IP field bus connection, that will enable the S5N sensor and all the future Datalogic smart sensors to be connected from the machine to the cloud.

The high configuration capability, the user-friendly plug-and-play connectivity through its simple and unique WEB Server interface are among the many improvements offered in terms of integration scale, production flexibility, immunity to electrical and optical interferences, as well as improved stability at the rated performances.

The range renewal begins with Datalogic's best seller M18 Tubular Sensor line, which will be integrated into the new S5N product line with ASIC technology, becoming the first Tubular Sensor family with IO-Link V1.1 and Smart Sensor profile in the world.  

The new S5N sensors set the technical benchmark for IO-Link connected M18 sensors turning into a reference point for the Industry 4.0 connected world.

The S5N new series offers all optical functions within a M18 housing, with the universal sensing functions of proximity, polarized retro reflex and through beam, which are also available with class 1 laser emission, as well as the more advanced functions of background suppression, contrast and luminescence, the S5N really is one housing for all applications, offering a wide spread of solutions in all industries and especially for bottling, packaging, intralogistics and general manufacturing.

“The IO-Link Master is a very versatile industrial standard device, able to run simultaneously different technologies like OPC-UA which allows a double channel connection to monitoring and control systems without the need of a PLC saving hardware and software cost.”, commented Alberto Fabbri, Product Marketing Manager – Sensors, Datalogic.

“This new device series combines all the IO-Link standard sensor and actuators connectivity with all the benefits of OPC-UA technology and Field busses like Ethernet-IP, Profinet and Modbus all together in one family with two different devices to select the appropriate bus technology”.

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