New faster, simpler, more reliable vision guided robotics: Datalogic launches IMPACT 2D Robot Guidance UR Cap Plugin

Bologna, 10 October 2019. Datalogic, a global leader in the automatic data capture and process automation markets, is pleased to announce the release of IMPACT Software version 12.2 is tested and approved to work with cobots from “Universal Robots” to provide fast and simple deployment of vision guided robotics applications.

Users can now calibrate and set up simple pick and place applications right from the robot teach pendant. Datalogic IMPACT 12.2 comes with an IMPACT 2D Robot Guidance UR Cap Plugin ready for download. 

Along with usability enhancements for guidance, Datalogic has also made performance enhancements to multiple locate tools to improve positional accuracy. Speed and usability improvements to the Advanced OCR tool are now assisting users solve more traceability applications faster.

Like previous software, IMPACT 12.2 runs on all Datalogic’s smart cameras and industrial vision processors. Manufacturing companies can now set up a vision system in a much reduced time and share vision programs between Smart Cameras and Vision Processors, all this with an intuitive ‘drag and drop’ environment.

By utilizing the same across all hardware, it is possible to set up the vision system in less time and share vision programs between Smart Cameras and Vision Processors.  IMPACT is the ultimate software platform with over 100 vision tools, for any vision applications and inspection needs.

“Flexibility and Efficiency – today’s shop floors and warehouses are all about managing more production changeovers, more product customizations, smaller batches, and shorter lead times. This means more traceability and more automation (robots) to assist people.  Vision is a critical component in automation to guide their actions.  Now, with IMPACT 12.2, robots can be deployed quicker and more efficiently than ever before, adapting to the most changing applications with ease.” - commented Bradley Weber, Product Marketing Manager of Datalogic - “Robots are the future.” - he added - “The faster you harvest their potential, the faster you create a competitive edge for your business, delivering direct profitability while improving accuracy across organizations and industries.”

IMPACT 12.2 expands manufacturers production capabilities with higher quality, consistency and production speed.

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