50th Anniversary

50th Anniversary

50th Anniversary

MX-E90: Accomplish more with the new industrial vision processor by Datalogic

Bologna, 24 July 2019. Datalogic, a global leader in the automatic data capture and process automation markets, is pleased to announce the new industrial Vision Processor, MX-E90. The MX-E90 has the performance for the most demanding machine vision applications needs in multiple industries such as Automotive, Electronics, and Packaging.

For machine vision users that need improved processing and more memory than a smart camera, the MX-E90 industrial vision processor will run their application faster or process higher resolution images to fully optimize their operation.

Many applications don’t require a dedicated processor to each camera.  This is often excessive and cost prohibitive.  For those applications, the MX-E90 is equipped with 8 POE camera ports.  The total cost of ownership is reduced by having one processor able to connect to 8 inspection points. Integration, set up, and maintenance costs are lower, since less cabinet space, less power consumption, fewer cables, fewer I/O blocks, as well as fewer spares are needed.  By welcoming the MX-E90 into our existing line up of Smart Cameras and Industrial Vision Processors our users can select the correct level of performance based on the application needs. Indeed, multiple configuration options deliver ultimate application flexibility.

Like Datalogic’s smart cameras and other MX industrial vision processors, the MX-E90 uses IMPACT software to setup the inspections. IMPACT is the proven platform by Datalogic that allows users to solve machine vision inspections with an intuitive drag and drop environment.  IMPACT makes it easy to generate a vision program and create custom user interfaces in minutes.

Bradley Weber, Product Manager of Datalogic commented: “MX-E90 was built with performance in mind.  By leveraging the latest processors, yet high quality and robust components, our customers can rely on an industrial vision processor for years to come.”

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