50th Anniversary

50th Anniversary

50th Anniversary

Datalogic Debuts the Memor™ 20 Industrial PDA at MODEX 2020

Eugene, OR, March 03rd 2020. Datalogic, a global leader in the automatic data capture and process automation markets, will debut the Memor™ 20 enterprise PDA at MODEX 2020.  This rugged, industrial PDA can face the toughest challenges in applications with rigorous environments like manufacturing plants, warehouses, courier/delivery and distribution centers.

The new Memor 20 is a unique device that brings together powerful processing power, extreme ruggedness, large 5.7’’HD touch screen, and intuitive Android operation in a smartphone form factor that is easy to hold, easy to use and very user friendly.

“We designed the Memor 20 for enterprises that have the most demanding mobile requirements, such as: distribution centers, where employees are up and down aisles and using forklifts; warehouses for inventory management, order picking, shipping and receiving; transportation where drivers are out on the road and required to log each package during long delivery days,” said Tom Burke, Vice President of Mobile Product Marketing at Datalogic. “The Memor 20 is the top-performing device in the product family, offering a range of unique features to assist different types of workers at every level of business operation.”

To guarantee constant 24/7 operation, Memor 20 comes with extremely fast wireless charging technology. This technology, proven in the smartphone market, ensures quick and easy charging and at the same time reduces downtime and maintenance caused by dirty or defective contacts. Additionally, the one-piece battery can be swapped by users in the field.  The Memor 20 also offers a complete complement of accessories including a pistol grip handle for scan intensive use, vehicle mount dock for transportation applications, and an exclusive Smart Dock with a unique locking function that secures the device preventing unauthorized use, loss or theft.

An extensive list of features includes a novel secondary notification display on the top of the device.  This display allows users to immediately see a preview of incoming notifications while pocketed or holstered, improving user productivity in today’s multitasking, hands-free environments. The Memor 20 joins the Memor family of Datalogic products which are the industry’s first devices to combine wireless charging technology with a one-piece swappable battery.

Visitors can personally experience the Memor 20 in Datalogic booth 5227 at MODEX.


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